Public Hearings

The Board of Directors of the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency will conduct a public hearing on October 26, 2017 to consider changes to Article 14 of Regulation I.  The hearing will start at 8:45 AM at the Agency's office (address below).

Proposed Changes

Amendments to Regulation I, Section 14.03 would update the language identifying the way the public may submit requests to the Agency, including through the Agency website and to make clear that requests may be submitted orally to the Agency.

Amendments to Regulation I, Section 14.04 would:  match the new legislative requirement that the Agency must include a reasonable estimate of time to respond to a request with an Agency request for clarification; update the process used by the Agency when a member of the public wishes to inspect records; provide notice that the Agency may ask a requester to prioritize requests if more than one request is submitted within a 30-day period; and make a few clarifying corrections.

Amendment to Regulation I, Section 14.05 matches new legislative authority to allow for customized service charges in the amount of the actual cost of the service used for the request to be charged.  Before the Agency would charge a customized service charge, the Agency would notify the requester of the reason for the charge; a reasonable estimate of the cost of the charge; and the opportunity to amend the request to avoid or reduce the charge.

Amendment to Regulation I, Subsection 14.06(a) would reflect the 2016 list maintained by the Municipal Research & Services Center of exemptions applicable to public records requests and add reference to a list of exemptions applicable to public records requests maintained on the State of Washington Attorney General’s website.

Amendments to Regulation I, Section 14.07 would  adopt a 10¢ per-page maximum fee for scanned records as determined by the state legislature; add a subsection, “Actual Costs,” that names the actual costs to be charged by the Agency for providing records; and add a subsection, “Summary of Costs,” to state that if requested, the Agency would provide a summary of applicable charges before any records are produced and that in response to a summary, a requester may revise a request to reduce applicable charges.

. View the proposed changes:

How to Comment

Interested persons may submit oral testimony at the hearing and/or submit written comments to the Agency by 4:30 PM on October 25, 2017

Send written comments:

  • Mail:         1904 3rd Ave, Suite 105 - Seattle, WA 98101
  • Email:
  • Fax:          206-343-7522

Give oral testimony:

  • Date:        October 26, 2017
  • Time         8:45 AM
  • Location:  Puget Sound Clean Air Agency
                      1904 3rd Ave, Suite 105
                      Seattle, WA 98101