Puget Sound Clean Air Agency

Putting the Brakes on Air Pollution

Although tailpipe emissions contribute two-thirds of our regions’ air pollution problem, the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency cannot directly regulate cars, SUVs, vans or trucks. But we can educate about and encourage air-friendly transportation options for individuals, businesses and government fleets. Because when it comes to what, how, and how often we drive, we all have choices ‑ and the choices we make can make a huge difference for air quality.

Whether its driving less, purchasing a more fuel-efficient car, or opting for a vehicle that runs on biodiesel or electricity instead of conventional fuels – it all adds up to cleaner air.

Read on for more vehicle and transportation choices that reduce pollution, can save money, and are more protective of your health.


Transportation choices

Driving less = cleaner air. Consider these clean air options instead.


Fuel choices

Cleaner fuels = cleaner air. Alternatives to conventional diesel and gasoline can improve air quality.


Vehicle choices

Cleaner vehicles = cleaner air. Find the cleanest possible vehicle to meet your needs.


Vehicle maintenance

A well-maintained car pollutes less ang gets better mileage.


No Idle Zone

Idling = zero miles per gallon. Stop wasting fuel – and your money! Turn the key off and be idle-free.