Puget Sound Clean Air Agency

Photo: two kids running through field with colorful kiteWhy air quality matters

Clean, healthy air is essential to our day-to-day wellbeing, our long-term health, and the health of the environment we depend on. The Clean Air Agency focuses its efforts on reducing air pollutants that pose the greatest health risks to our region – which include criteria air pollutants, air toxics and greenhouse gases.

Read on for more information about our region's air quality priorities, how air quality affects our health, and some factors that influence air quality (such as weather and landscape).


Criteria air pollutants

These six pollutants are regulated to assure our region meets national air quality standards.


Air quality and your health


Indoor air quality


Air toxics

Reducing particulate matter from diesel exhaust and wood smoke and other air toxics is one of our top priorities.


Weather and topography

How air quality is influenced by geographic and meteorological factors.