EV Policy at Work

October 17, 2014

CC_MSRC_logosThinking about offering electric vehicle charging at your workplace?

Aside from installing the infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs), providing access to EV-charging at work presents numerous policy considerations, including:

  • Does an employer need a policy for EV-charging at the workplace?
  • What makes an effective workplace EV-charging policy?
  • What are the legal considerations of providing workplace charging?
  • How does EV energy use affect building benchmark and sustainability goals?

Western Washington Clean Cities and MRSC of Washington

hosted a half-day workshop on Friday, October 17, to explore the answers to these and other electric vehicle policy questions.


Overview: The Policy Implications of Offering Workplace Charging

Legal Considerations & Employer Best Practices

Dollars and Cents: The Economics of Providing EV Charging at the Workplace

Panel Discussion: Linking EVs with Sustainability & Building Benchmarking Goals