Lunar New Year

The Chinatown-International District in Seattle, WA is a focus community of the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency. As focus community, the Agency aims to create awareness, provide access,  support community empowerment, invest in action, and ultimately improve the air quality within Chinatown-International District. We do this in a myriad of ways including the most recent Lunar New Year Celebration hosted by the Chinatown-International District Business Improvement Area

Being part of the Lunar New Year Celebration gave us an opportunity to interact and build relationships with community members, and share educational resources about pollution and air quality. It also provided a great way for Agency staff to witness and experience first-hand the cultural diversity and richness that makes up the Chinatown-International District. 

"The Chinatown-International District is such a culturally rich neighborhood that I jump at the opportunity to go whether it’s for work or play. I learn something new from the neighborhood and its residents on every trip, so it’s only fair that I try to return the favor with some educational air quality plinko" says Adam Petrusky, Air Monitoring Lead for the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency.

Below are some photos of the day.


The dragon was moving around the festival all day! 


Angela Song, Air Resource Specialist, talks to one of the younger members of the community about electric vehicles. 


Joanna Gangi, Equity & Community Engagement Communications Specialist, plays air quality plinko with some of the youngest members of the community. 


Adam Petrusky, Air Monitoring Lead, and Della Kostelnik-Juarez, Communications Specialist are ready to talk emissions, pollution, and air quality.