Multiple-Unit Structures

Before beginning any renovation project in which the materials being disturbed may contain asbestos, you must follow certain procedures to ensure that the asbestos is properly identified and avoided, encapsulated, or removed. Failure to follow these procedures can result in a notice of violation and monetary penalty.

Necessary Procedures For Multiple-Unit Structures

Before you renovate a building, you must employ an AHERA-certified building inspector to conduct an asbestos survey to identify asbestos-containing materials. Only a certified asbestos abatement contractor or in-house employees trained and certified in accordance with the standards established by the Washington Department of Labor & Industries may legally remove the asbestos that will be disturbed during a renovation. Please refer to our Information for General Contractors Doing Renovations to understand these requirements.

Property owners of multiple structures may file one annual notification for asbestos projects to be conducted during each calendar year. The total amount of friable asbestos-containing materials to be removed must be less than 260 linear feet on pipes or 160 square feet on other components, per structure, per year. Quarterly reports must be submitted to the Clean Air Agency within 15 days after the end of each calendar quarter.

Applicable Forms