Certified Technicians

Installers and testers are required to be certified in order to conduct equipment tests and do installations and repairs. Certification is valid for two years and ensures all installers and testers are performing high-quality service so that every station is operating at optimum performance. The open-book exams for Vapor Recovery System Testing and Vapor Recovery System Installation repair are $90 each and are available online with the International Code Council. Exam reference books are available with local library systems.


Testers are required to file online test activity reports with 48 hours of a test.

Certified testers and installers can view a maintenance history of registered stations and submit test results through our online database.

Access the Gas Station Database

Testing Forms

Testing forms are also available for use:

  • Air-to-Liquid Ratio Test Procedures (PDF): Alternative test methods acceptable to the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency that satisfy the requirements of CARB Test Procedure TP-201.5 for compliance with Regulation II, Section 2.07(f).
  • Air-to-Liquid Ratio Test (PDF): CARB Test Procedure TP-201.5 certification results of the air to liquid dispensing ratio (by volume) for vacuum assist stage 2 systems.
  • Air-to-Liquid Ratio Test - VacuCheck Method (PDF): Certification results when VacuTest testing equipment is employed to test the Air to Liquid Ratio of stage 2 vacuum assist systems.
  • Air-to-Liquid Ratio Test - VacuSmart Method (PDF): Certification results when VacuSmart testing equipment employed to determine the Air to Liquid Ratio of stage 2 Vacuum assist systems.
  • Back Pressure Tests (PDF): CARB Test Procedure TP-201.4 certification results of a dynamic performance test on stage 2 vapor piping, Compliance Testing Matrix. Lists the California Air Resources Board (CARB) executive orders and the required tests that should be conducted on stage 1 and 2 systems.
  • Compliance Testing Matrix (PDF)
  • Compliance Test Failure Notice (PDF): This notice clearly and simply clarifies what is expected of the owner/operator when their station fails a test. When you use this notice, please make a note of it in the Comment field of the online compliance testing activity report.
  • Drop Tube Overfill Protection Test (PDF): CARB Test Procedure TP-201.1C certification results. The test checks the leak rate from the drop tube/drain valve assembly when the drain valve is configured to pass liquid into the drop tube.
  • Healy Return Line Tightness Test (PDF): CARB system certification results for the Healy Stage 2 Vapor Return Line Vacuum Integrity Test.
  • Pressure Decay Test (PDF): CARB Test Procedure TP-201.3 (or Exhibit 3 test procedures) certification results from a static performance test of the tank and related stage 1 and 2 vapor recover equipment.
  • Static Torque of Rotatable Stage 1 Adaptors (PDF): Torque setting for the riser and all brands of swivel adapters. Stage 1 EVR systems and Swivel Adapters are required to be torqued to specific setting required by the manufacturer.
  • Tie-Tank Test (PDF): CARB Test Procedure TP-201.3C certification results. The test determines all gasoline tanks are manifolded together and that diesel tanks are isolated from the system.